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2019 Villforth Lecture Nomination


Fact Sheet for the John C. Villforth Lecture Series

Nomination information is to be submitted no later than September 30, 2018 for the 2019 Annual Meeting



Purpose of the

John C. Villforth Lecture Series:


To honor Mr. Villforth’s steadfast support of state radiation control agencies as a working partner with the Food and Drug Administration/Center for Devices and Radiological Health in the protection of the American people from unnecessary exposure to electronic product radiation, radioactive materials (especially radium), and protection of the environment from radioactive contamination, as well as his strong support of the CRCPD in its early years of development.


Mr. Villforth has long recognized the capacity of state radiation personnel to make valuable contributions to the success of national programs to protect the public health of our citizens. The CRCPD has the utmost respect, admiration, and appreciation for the unceasing friendship and support Mr. Villforth has extended to our organization and state radiation control programs over his many years of public service. With this lecture series, the CRCPD pays tribute to a man with impeccable integrity, a person with outstanding leadership credentials, and a giant in the field of radiological health.


For more information on John Villforth, refer to A Legacy of Leadership.


When and where:


A major activity of CRCPD is its Annual Meeting, the National Conference on Radiation Control. This meeting is designed to provide the participants with the most up-to-date information on the constantly changing radiation protection issues. It is the tradition of CRCPD to recognize dignitaries and special guests during the opening session of the Annual Meeting. It is in this meeting segment that time will be reserved for a speaker to present the John C. Villforth Lecture.


This meeting is held in a different location each year. Some of the upcoming meeting sites are:


  Anchorage, Alaska   May 6 – 9, 2019

  Williamsburg, Virginia   May 4 – 7, 2020

  Danvers, Massachusetts   May 17-20, 2021



Lecturer Award:


In recognition for being selected to present the John C. Villforth Lecture, CRCPD will pay the travel expenses and per diem (in accordance with CRCPD Policies and Procedures) for the individual to present the lecture at the CRCPD meeting. In addition, the individual will be awarded a special plaque commemorating their participation in the Lecture Series.


Who can nominate an individual:


< An organization having an interest in radiation protection can nominate an individual. If an organization is submitting a nominee, contact information for the organization needs to be provided in addition to the information on the nominee.


< Individuals can nominate themselves or another individual.


Nominee background:


The nominee should have working experience and knowledge relating to protection of the public, the worker, and the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure, and/or protection of the environment from contamination from radioactive material. Typical backgrounds of individuals who would likely be nominated include health physics, radiation physics, radiation program management, protection of the environment from radioactive contamination, and radiologic technology. Ideally, the candidates should have demonstrated a major commitment or made a notably positive contribution to the goals and objectives of the CRCPD.


Lecture topics:


The substance of the lecture should be highly relevant to contemporary radiation protection challenges facing government regulators, product manufacturers and users, and the general public, drawing from the lecturer’s broad technical and historical experiences.


Lectures should be topically relevant to the mission of the CRCPD and its constituents. CRCPD’s mission is to promote consistency in addressing and resolving radiation protection issues, to encourage high standards of quality in radiation protection programs, and to provide leadership in radiation safety and education.


Selection criteria:


The Annual Meeting Technical Planning Committee will base their recommendations on the following criteria: (1) the topic addresses a subject that has sufficiently broad interest to CRCPD meeting attendees; and (2) the topic increases an understanding about technically or scientifically complex radiation problems or promotes a useful dialogue about a policy or action that will impact the work of state and federal radiation control programs.


Selection process:


The Technical Program Planning Committee will select no more than three nominees to submit to the Board of Directors. Selection of the speaker for the John C. Villforth Lecture will be made by the CRCPD Board of Directors.


The Office of Executive Director will notify in writing the speaker selected for the John C. Villforth Lecture.


What should be submitted:


A completed Nomination Form, along with an abstract of the proposed lecture.


Submission date:


September 30, 2018 for the 2019 Annual Meeting. (Nomination information is to be submitted no later than September 30th of the current year for the next year's Annual Meeting.)


Nominations and inquiries should be directed to:


Ms. Sue Smith, Executive Office Manager

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc.

1030 Burlington Lane, Suite 4B

Frankfort, KY 40601


Tele: 502/227-4543, Ext. 2228

Fax: 502/227-7862



Previous Lecture Presenters:


2001 John C. Villforth (Inaugural Lecture)

2002 Joel Lubenau

2003 Robert M. Hallisey

2004 Charles B. Meinhold

2005 Keith J. Strauss

2006 Jill Lipoti, Ph.D.

2007 John R. Frazier, Ph.D., CHP

2008 Melissa Martin, M.S., FACR, FAAPM

2009 Richard J. Vetter, Ph.D., CHP

2010 John L. McCrohan, Jr.

2011 J. Thomas Payne, Ph.D.

2012 Katherine Uraneck, M.D.

2013 Priscilla Butler, M.S., FAAPM, FACR

2014 Michael T. Ryan, Ph.D., CHP

2015 Bruce Thomadsen, Ph.D.

2016 Fred A. Mettler, M.D.

2017 Ronald G. Fraass

2018 Debbie B. Gilley


General information

about CRCPD:


CRCPD is a nonprofit organization whose membership is comprised of individuals in state and local government who regulate and control the use of radiation sources, and other individuals with an interest in radiation protection, regardless of employer affiliation. CRCPD was formed in 1968.


The purposes for which CRCPD was formed:

< Promote radiological health in all aspects and phases;

< Encourage and promote cooperative enforcement programs with federal agencies and between related enforcement agencies within each state;

< Encourage the interchange of experience among radiation control programs;

< Collect and make accessible to the membership of the CRCPD such information and data as might be of assistance to them in the proper fulfillment of their duties;

< Promote and foster uniformity of radiation control laws and regulation;

< Encourage and support programs that will contribute to radiation control for all;

< Assist the membership in their technical work and development;

< Exercise leadership with radiation control professionals and consumers in radiation control development and action.

To nominate someone to present the 2019 Villforth Lecture, complete your identifying information below then select "Begin Survey" to complete the nomination form.


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