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last updated  3/22/2016

[The information below is for authorized registered users for CRCPD's transportation exemption.] You can run through the slides for Special Permit use instructions here, or click the lower right corner to "view full size presentation".  You can then play the complete slide show by clicking "Start Slide Show".


  Uploading the New Special Permit form is as easy as One, Two, Three! Start here to run through a step by step guide for using the new electronic form, logging into CRCPD's web portal and uploading your completed form.

US DOT Special Permit SP 10656 (previously exemption E-10656) re: scrap for recycling
Revised October 1, 2015 (FORM)

Special Permit SP 10656 - Exemption Revised October 1, 2015

US DOT Special Permit SP 11406 (previously DOT exemption E-11406) re: waste for disposal. Revised October 1, 2015 (FORM)

Special Permit SP 11406 - Exemption Revised October 1, 2015

Authorities Registered to Approve DOT Special Permit Shipments   This listing contains contact information on the authorities registered with CRCPD to approve scrap metal shipments under DOT SP-10656 and/or waste shipments under SP-11406.

Frequently Asked Questions re: the Special Permits Canada has recently changed their transportation regs. Click here for details, or here for the new regs.
Special Permit Authorization Form (for Program Directors)

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